Frequently Asked Questions

About ScannerLens

Why should I use ScannerLens?

Just one tap on your iOS device and you can quickly scan, save and share any docs in JPG, PDF, or TXT formats with ScannerLens. Here are the key features of our app, compared to other camera scanners in the market:

• Smart and intuitive scan that automatically detect file edges, allowing you to scan multiple documents at once

• Professional filters to enhance your scanned documents, even for users with Colour Vision Deficiency

• File Manager to organise your documents

• Insert multiple e-signatures into documents at once

• Extract texts with our industry-leading Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, with 95% identification accuracy

• Save files to cloud and export them in PDF, JPG and TXT formats

• Supports 12 languages (and counting) across more than 100 countries

• 24/7 Customer Service Support for your queries

• No hassle 3-Day free trial

Where can I find ScannerLens?

We are currently available on iOS and iPadOS. You can find us on Apple App Store here.

Do you provide enterprise solutions?

We offer enterprise solutions in data services and software development. Please contact our team with your company’s details at or fill up the form here, and we will advise according to your business needs.

I’d like to work with you guys.

We’d love to hear from you! We welcome and are open to explore partnership opportunities – drop us an email at or fill up the form here.

Where are you located?

We are a Singapore company and our office is located at Venture Drive, Vision Exchange #24-099, Singapore, 608526. For any enquires, you may contact us at or fill up the form here.

Data & Privacy

Is ScannerLens safe to use?

We take utmost care in your privacy and security, complying with PDPA, GDPR, CCPA Laws and AppStore Regulation. We only ask for authorisation of your camera to scan your documents. Your documents are not stored in our app, nor do we have access to them. Your documents cannot be accessed by third parties unless they are uploaded to the cloud. You can read more about this in our Privacy Policy.

In addition, you do not need to register or login to use ScannerLens. This is to protect our user’s privacy and data safety.

Do you save or check my data on your server?

No, we do not. Your documents cannot be accessed by third parties and we take utmost care in protecting your privacy.

Can I lock my document?

For sensitive documents, we recommend adding a Lock PIN. You can do so by tapping on the small lock icon next to your document name.

About Scanning

System Requirement

For best performance, our recommended operating system for ScannerLens is iOS 11.0 and above.

App Authorisation

We only ask for 2 app authorisations: photos and camera. Photo authorisation is for photo taking you can import images for scanning, and camera authorisation is for scanning new documents. Both authorisations will only be used for scanning documents.

Registration and Login

You do not need to register or create an account to use ScannerLens. Your information will not be accessed to us. This is to protect our user’s privacy and data safety.

Document Resolution

We support the highest quality resolution that can be supported by your phone type, up to 4k.

How do I get the perfect scanned results?

Find a flat desktop, bed or any other flat place. It is best to find a well-lit area with no shadows on the documents to be scanned. Make sure the full image could be seen in your screen, so that the edges can be automatically detected.

Of course, if you could not find this kind of place or you are on-the-go, we can take care of everything with our intuitive app. It may not be as perfect as with the optimal conditions, but it gets better with each update, we promise!

Manage and Edit Scans

How do I extract texts from PDF/JPG files?

After you have scanned your document, tap on ‘OCR’ for the text recognition process. Your document will be transcribed to text and can be exported in TXT format.

How do I manage my documents?

To group documents together, tap on ‘+’ to continue adding scanned documents in a folder. You can change the name anytime by tapping directly on the name.

Long Tap to shift the arrangement within the app to organise your documents.

Save and Share

What format(s) can I export my documents in?

You can choose JPG or PDF format before sending or saving. Also, after you use OCR text extraction function, you can save documents as TXT.

How do I send my documents or save them in the cloud?

After you’ve edited your scanned documents, just tap ‘Send’ to choose the app you want to share or send.

Select your documents and tap on ‘Send’ to share your file with others. Note that if your document is locked, you will need to provide the Lock PIN for your recipient to unlock and view the file.

Can I share documents by fax?

Unfortunately we do not support it now. We will have this function in the future, so please stay tuned!


How do I change the system language?

You can change the language in our app.

Open settings on your iPhone/iPad > General > Language & Region > iPhone Language > Choose your Language

I found a bug. How do I report it?

We thank and encourage our users to help us improve our products, as we enhance the user experience of ScannerLens. If you find any issue in the UI, product functions, and copywriting, please share screen-recordings or screenshots to us at or fill up the form here. If a bug is verified, we’ll reward you with a Premium account code for redemption.

How do I contact you for other issues?

We’d love to hear from you on feedback or suggestions! You can contact us at or fill up our contact form here.

How can I open ScannerLens quickly to improve my efficiency?

1. Tap the icon to open – this is the most common way.

2. Press down on ScannerLens’ icon with 3D-touch to import from photo or start scanning immediately.

3. Open the app with Siri to ‘scan PDF’

4. If those keywords are not in your daily usage, add your preferred keywords under Settings > Accessibility > Accessibility Shortcut

5. A less common way – use our URL schemes: scannerlens-api://home to open ScannerLens quickly! Learn more about Apple’s URL schemes here.

How do I transfer the data to a new iPhone?

You can enjoy your premium account in the new device if you are using the same iCloud account. As we do not have access to your scanned document (they are saved on your device), so do make sure your documents are synced across your new device for the transfer.

Is ScannerLens free to use?

ScannerLens is 100% free to use. However, added features, zero ads and unlimited scans can be unlocked with a subscription fee. You can cancel your subscription anytime on your device.

How do I remove the ads?

We sustain our freemium model through ads revenue. If the ads are too big of a distraction, you may upgrade to a premium account, which will be ad-free.

What’s the difference between Standard & Premium account?

You can use all basic features of ScannerLens. However, when you upgrade to Premium, you can get unlimited access to all of our features! Here’s a list of functions for Premium accounts:

• Unlimited daily scans

• Ad-free experience

• Save and insert more than one e-signature

• Text extraction using our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology

• Watermark-free scans in HD resolution

• Save documents in the cloud

Do you provide a free trial for Premium account?

Yes. We provide a one-time 3 days free trial for all our users, tagged to one iCloud account.

Do you provide student discounts?

Yes! Find out more about our student ambassador program here.

How many users can access the Premium account?

Since we do not require registration or login, the Premium access is only tagged to the iCloud account with the purchase. Of course, you can use it in your different devices as long as it is under the same iCloud account.

App Store Family Sharing

Unfortunately, we do not support it now. We may have this function in the future, so please stay tuned!

How much does it cost?

For the Premium Plan with added features and unlimited scans, it starts at USD9.95 per month. The price may vary due to our seasonal promotion and sales, so we recommend that you refer to our in-app purchase page for the updated price.

I was charged but I did not renew.

Our subscription plan automatically renews monthly or yearly depending on your plan. You will need to cancel 24 hours before each billing cycle. You can do so under Settings > Apple ID > Subscriptions.

I was charged for my subscription but I want a refund.

We are unable to do refund on our end as we do not require user registration to use the app. The subscription fee is charged on your Apple ID account. For refunds, we recommend that you reach out directly to Apple Support Team.

According to Apple’s policies, you cannot cancel subscriptions after they have been renewed automatically. However, you can cancel during the trial period. If you have signed up for free or with a discounted trial subscription code and you do not want to renew it, do cancel it at least 24 hours before the trial ends. Read more about Apple’s policies here.