System Requirement

For best performance, our recommended operating system for ScannerLens is iOS 11.0 and above.

App Authorisation

We only ask for 2 app authorisations: photos and camera.

Photo authorisation is required for importing of images from your Camera Album for scanning.

Camera authorisation is required for scanning new documents.

Both authorisations will only be used for scanning documents.

Registration and Login

You do not need to register or create an account to use ScannerLens. Your information will not be accessed to us. This is to protect our user’s privacy and data safety.

Document Resolution

We support the highest quality resolution that can be supported by your device type, up to 4k.

How do I get the perfect scanned results?

Find a flat desktop, bed or any other flat place. It is best to find a well-lit area with no shadows on the documents to be scanned. Make sure the full image could be seen in your screen, so that the edges can be automatically detected.

Of course, if you could not find this kind of place or you are on-the-go, we can take care of everything with our intuitive app. It may not be as perfect as with the optimal conditions, but it gets better with each update, we promise!