Best 6 Poetry Collections to Read in 2021

Poetry is one of the most profound channels to express feelings and emotions. Are you tired of reading books with long storylines and never ending pages? For some, poetry’s beauty lies in its quick pace and rhythm. Here, we have created a list of the six best poetry collections to read in 2021 and a short guide on how you can use ScannerLens to save some of your favourite poetry. All images taken from

Best 6 Poetry Collections

The Hill We Climb: An Inaugural Poem for the Country, Written by Amanda Gorman

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“The Hill We Climb” is a poem written by Amanda Gorman, recited by the author herself at President Joe Biden’s inauguration. The poem called for unity, collaboration and togetherness amongst the American people and emphasised the opportunities that the future holds.

The Ocean, Written by Kamilla Tolnoe

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“The Ocean” is a poetry collection that touches upon the various themes of nostalgia, remorse and relief. Like its title, “The Ocean” drift its way in and out of our minds, and in it, we find reassurance and a sense of calmness. The poet, Kamilla Tolnoe, is well-received for his ability to express a connection with the universe and the ultimate life forces through his writing.

WAR{N}PIECES, Written by Leo Jenkins

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Leo Jenkins, was a U.S. Army ranger medic in Afghanistan and Iraq for 15 years. In this collection , he reflects on the past 15 years and touches on the topics of death, triumph, struggle and overcoming. Unlike his previous works which focused on the war itself, this collection focuses on the love in war, in relationships and the importance of it all.

Field Guide to the Haunted Forest, Written by Jarod K. Anderson

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In this collection, Jarod K. Anderson draws readers into the minds and spirits of the things that we so often tend to overlook. He gives life to the things around us and provides a different perspective on life and the things hidden in plain sight through his writing.

Don’t Call Us Dead: Poems, Written by Danez Smith

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The award-winning poet with ground-breaking forces has crafted soul-awakening pieces that can move you to tears and make you joyful again within moments. This beautiful collection features powerful lines that will blow your mind away, focusing on themes such as race and sexuality.

The Poetry of Strangers: What I Learned Traveling America with a Typewriter, Written by Brian Sonia-Wallace

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The author, Brian Sonia-Wallace, is a keen observer who expresses everything in words and travels across the U.S. with just a typewriter. Along the way, he asks different strangers ” What do you need a poem about?”. In this collection, it tells the stories of strangers from all walks of life and the heartbreaks and yearnings that they hold so dearly in their hearts. “The Poetry of Strangers” is a unique, eye-opening and compelling masterwork.

Scanner Lens: Preserving the quotes and words of Poetry Collections you love

Whilst reading poetry, there are many instances where the writing touches our hearts. To save these touching quotes and expressions, ScannerLens is a fantastic app to use. For your poetry collections, use ScannerLens to:

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